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Scoliosis and the Young Spine


Scoliosis is abnormal curve and rotation of the spine affecting over 6 million children per year. Treatment options include careful watching, bracing and surgery. However, modern research have found a new genetic test that can predict which child is likely to progress or become worst, and which child will not. This could be the difference between brace, surgery or nothing at all.


Scoliosis and prevention of neurological injury


Neuromonitoring is the standard of care during any surgical treatment of scoliosis in young patients. A recent study published in Sept 2010 evaluating 3436 young patients, showed accurate detection of permanent neurological status in 99.6% of patients and reduction of permanent neurological injury to less than 0.17% when neuromonitoring was utilized (1). Safe surgery is critical for any patient. Ask you doctor about neuromonitoring and its utility in scoliosis surgery.